Top 5 Rental Search Sites in Toronto

Looking to rent an apartment or house in Toronto can at times be challenging. Traditionally, you would have tried to find a place on MLS or Kijiji. However, there is an ever growing number of websites out there that can help you find your rental. Not all carry the same quality of listings. Here are the ones we found most helpful.

One of the older services but still very relevant. They have moved away from single family homes and now focus on apartments only. Used very broadly by landlords to post places for rent.

The official Multiple Listing System (MLS) of the real estate industry. Carries all the listings from licensed real estate professionals. This is an extremely reliable source.

Kijiji is a classifieds marketplace for buying and selling all sorts of things. It has an established section with real estate listings. It has become a bit cluttered over the years e.g. with adds and is a bit challenging to navigate at times. Still an excellent source for houses and apartments for rent.

A newer service not as broadly used as the ones above, but quickly gaining traction. Landlords and property managers love it for the easy-to-use features. Looking for a rental on there is more fun than on other platforms. There is plenty of additional information that will help you with your search.

Mostly identical listings to Padmapper and very similar functionality.