Ontario Rental Vacancy Rates 2020

  • Toronto 3.4%
  • Ottawa 3.9%
  • London 3.4%
  • Peterborough 2.6%
  • Hamilton 3.5%
  • Barrie 2.1%
  • KWC 2.1%
  • Guelph 2.2%

Always interesting to keep abreast of vacancy rates, as they are a determining factor in a thorough calculation of Net Operating Income of a property. If you are in Toronto, you are likely to see a reduction in your NOI based on the most recent vacancy numbers. Toronto sees much higher vacancy rates due to Covid. Other Ontario cities show a more diverse picture, some with increases, some with declines. The full report gives insights on average rental rates, rent arrears and more.

The above is based on the CMHC report of Jan 28, 2021. The full report can be found here:
National Vacancy Rate Increased in 2020