Landlord Forms

When things go really bad with your tenants – Form N7

As some of the other landlord forms, the N7 has its challenges. In general, the form is there to end a tenancy for causing serious problems in the rental unit or residential complex. But what does that include?

Whenever a tenant has caused damage at your property, you generally are looking at using Form N5. You would only use Form N7 in much more serious cases. The specificity of the N7 is that it requires you to prove that the tenant has willfully caused the damage, which can be a difficult task.

There are other uses of the form as well. In the "Reason"- section of the form, you can choose one of the other three:

  • The safety of others in the property has been severely jeopardized by the tenant
  • The tenant has used the rental unit in a manner inconsistent with its use as residential premises and this has caused or can be expected to cause serious damage
  • You as the landlord live at the property and the tenant has substantially interfered with your reasonable enjoyment. This only applies to properties with 3 units or less.

Fill all your information chronologically in the form, making your case founded and clear. Serve the form properly (hand, under door, mailbox) and use form L2 (if needed) for eviction. The L2 can be filed right after serving the N7, not waiting period.

Find the full instructions for filling the form here: N7 Instructions.pdf