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Home Buying
Home buying can be a bit of a venture, especially if you are doing it for the first time. An experienced real estate agent can help you a great deal. There are many things to consider and you may have started your list already. Get in touch if you feel ready to take another big step ahead. You may want to use some of the free resources on the site to further educate yourself.
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Free Step-by-Step Guide
Convenient overview on each step in the home buying process
Links and Resources
Everything you need to help you guide through the purchase of your property
Costs When Buying a Home
There are costs involved that you may not be thinking of. Use this checklist.
What Can I Afford?
Get valuable insights on how to determine affordability and mortgages
Home Buying Guidance
Follow the Free Step-By-Step Guide for Real Estate Purchases
Home Selling
With the help of a professional real estate agent, selling your home will be a breeze. Make sure you have your list of questions ready to make sure your agent will fulfill your expectations. Use the resources on this site to further educate yourself. As soon as you are ready to make a move, get in touch.
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Free Home Selling Guide
Take advantage of this guide to familiarize yourself with the selling process
Top 4 Home Selling Tips
Exclusive list of the best things to do before putting your home on the market
How Much Can I Get?
Simply contact me for a free home valuation
Links & Resources
Find a collection of links and resources that will help you with selling your home
Property Search
There are the many great ways to finding properties for sale online. The link below takes you to our Sutton website with direct access to MLS, which is the best source for real estate listings in Ontario and the GTA. We offer excellent filters helping you to zone in on the most relevant properties.
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