Landlord Forms

Form N6 – Illegal Acts by the Tenant

Form N6 is a tricky one. It should be used when a tenant or their guest is conducting illegal activities, such as an act related to drugs, running an illegal business or any other illegal act within the rental unit/complex. The determination of what constitutes an illegal activity is often hard for us as normal citizens. Talk to police or a legal professional in order to make the right call.

In the case of production or trafficking of an illegal drug, you must give a min. of 10 days termination notice. With an illegal act or business not related to drugs, the min notice period is 20 days. See termination date on Form N6. As soon as you have served the N6, you can proceed and file the L2 for eviction. If there is reasonable hope that the tenant will move out, you might want to wait with the L2 until termination date. If they have moved out, you won't need to go through the L2 process with can take months.


Keep in mind:

  • Fill out as much information and details as possible to describe your case
  • Make sure you have the form filled correctly, mistakes can void the form
  • Adhere to the proper servicing guidelines to make sure you serve the notice to the tenant in a legally acceptable way

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